About the Book of Peace

This visual book is a work for all ages, spreading a positive message. In it, the word PEACE is spelled out in the various languages of the world’s fifty most populous countries, each word is embellished by an artistic interpretation of the flag of that country. A world map at the back of the book serves to pinpoint the locations of these 50 most populous countries.
You may now give the gift of Peace for the Holidays! We will ship signed copies of this book directly to you, your co-workers, friends or family.
You may order a Personalized Inscription for printed copies of The Books of Peace. We will DROP-SHIP the signed book directly to you or as a gift to ship some to names of your choice. Copies of The Book of Peace are $ 20.00 each (FL Tax included) plus USPS PRIORITY MAIL 3-DAY FLAT RATE SHIPPING at $ 6.65, for a Total of $ 26.65.


I am Sean Colson, making sculpture & teaching sculptors how to bronze cast using the Shellspen lost-wax process. Illustrating books with Positive messages, for children & adults.

Changing the world in a positive way through Sculpture, Art and Illustrated books.

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Learn what peace looks like in 50 countries